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“Pharmaceutical Bulletin N17(633) (17.05.2011)


AO “Pharm-Sintez” is a contemporary concept of trust between doctors and patients (“Pharmaceutical Bulletin”)

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AO “Pharm-Sintez” stands for advanced format of confidence between doctors and patients.
Starting from 1997, Russian pharmaceutical company “Pharm-Sintez” works in a way which gives it right to be called a part of the country scientific potential. “Pharm-Sintez” is one of the few Russian companies with full production cycle, from active molecules synthesis to manufacturing finished dosage forms. “Pharm-Sintez”`s business ensures consumer`s independence from imported pharmaceutical products, used in oncology, urology, neurology, endocrinology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, radiopharmaceutical therapy and diagnostics. Company manufactures unique medicines and first generic drugs, without imported substances, and synthesizes them by own means thus taking full responsibility for quality of manufactured goods, not depending on import of raw materials and being able to meet competition from the inner market pricing perspective.

In the meantime “Pharm-Sintez” is busy with construction of own production complex equipped by the latest instruments and conforming to all GMP EU requirements. In the nearest future company plans to establish multifunctional microbiological scientific and research laboratory suitable for full scale pre-clinical and clinical studies of new products.
Almost for any company main condition for successful business development is to find reliable team consisting of likeminded professionals. AO “Pharm-Sintez” personnel includes highly qualified scientists, doctors, chemists, technicians, managers who conforms to these requirements supremely well. During many years the company successfully collaborates with major national scientific and clinical centers, performing clinical studies and objectively assessing level of efficiency and safety for new drugs, at this geography of this collaboration is constantly expands. Several new unique products and latest generics are currently in the development stage. In addition, “Pharm-Sintez” actively works on expanding indications for existing drugs including Buserelinum, Buserelinum-depo, Octreotide, Octreotide-depo, Rezorba, as well as radiopharmaceutical products Octreotide, 111In abd Rezoscan, 99mTc.
From the day of “Pharm-Sintez” founding, multilevel quality control of manufactured goods was one of the most important conditions for being on the market, many years building trust for its products from doctors and patients. In the meantime the company carries out global national study for assessment of safety and efficiency of its products.
Currently there are study results on Buselerinum-depo with participation from more than 600 doctors from different RF cities. This drug is indicated for treatment of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, breast cancer and hyperplastic processes in reproductive system including uterine fibroid, endometriosis and endometrium hyperplasia. Drug is used in ART programs (in vitro fertilization). Analysis is based on interview with doctors who followed up treatment of patients with hyperplastic processes in reproductive system. According to study results, 73% of respondents evaluated drug efficiency as high, 27% - as sufficiently high. There was no feedback on inefficiency of the product.
In the target gynecologist population 87% know about product, 67% actively recommend it to patients with hyperplastic processes in reproduction system; 52% of doctors prefer Buselerinum-depo to existing on the market equivalents.
Company continues to carry out studies on efficiency and safety assessment for its products Octreotide, Octreotide-depo, Rezorba, Octreotide, 111In, Rezoscan, 99mTc. After processing, obtained results will be made available for medical society.
Therefore, arranging such studies, the company once more proves its commitment to feedback from medics and getting evaluation of efficiency and safety for its products, as well as lays foundation for improvement of treatment regimens and expanding of currently existing range of indications for administration.