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AO “Pharm-Sintez” in Dubna (VEDOMOSTI)


AO “Pharm-Sintez”, producer and developer of cancer treatment drugs, is planning to build a production and laboratory facilities within the Dubna Special Economic Zone (SEZ) (near Moscow).

Today expert board for technical and innovation SEZ with Ministry of Economic Development plans to review “Pharm-Sintez” project proposing construction of the production and laboratory complex, as we were told by a representative of “Russian special economic zones”, which was confirmed by Timofei Petrov, “Pharm-Sintez” General Director.

Now in the “Pharm-Sintez” portfolio there are nine pharmaceutical products including Milanfor for multiple myeloma treatment. According to Forbes information, company belongs to Mikhail Nazarenko successors. Last accessible financial results are dated by 2008 – back then profits amounted to 1.1 bln rubles.
Petrov refused to tell how much the company plans to invest into project, but did said that major part is the company own funds. Announced investments in the project (company own funds), according to RosSEZ representative, are about 514 million rubles.

Complex will study “Pharm-Sintez” products as well as drugs on request from other companies in 30% / 70% proportion, and then promote and market these products.

Maria Dranishnikova