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AO “Pharm-Sintez” sponsored the Russian International Conference “Current Issues in Surgical Gastroenterology”


AO “Pharm-Sintez” sponsored the Russian International Conference “Current Issues in Surgical Gastroenterology”, held in the Gelendzhik (Russia) on November 1-3, 2011.

This event was dedicated to surgical treatment of hepatic disorders and extrarenal bile ducts diseases, surgical treatment of complicated cholelithiasis, minimally invasive pancreas surgery, news in surgical gastroenterology, modern developments in radiological diagnostics in gastroenterology, surgical treatment of colonic and rectal diseases.

Following reports, dedicated to various aspects of Octreotide and Octreotide-depo administration in combined therapy of surgical and oncological conditions, were presented during the conference:

1. “Octreotide-depo” in pancreatitis prevention after major surgery on upper abdomen with extended lymphadenectomy”
Egorov A.V., Chernousov F.A., Vychuzhanin D.V. (Moscow, Russia)

2. “Method selection for treatment of metastatic liver injury by neuroendocrine nature”
Egorov A.V.

3. “TIPS surgery and key factors for risk minimization in variceal bleedings of cirrhotic origin”
Khoronko Y.V.

Article on the third report`s subject was published in the “Bulletin of Surgical Gastroenterology” last issue (N3, 2011), along with abstracts from the last Gelendzhik conference. You can view article contents on our website.